Saturday, 20 August 2016

Art Journalling Pages

Hi all and welcome back to The Crafty Bat 

Apologise on the quietness I wanted to have a few more blog posts done before now but due to some bad news earlier this week it has been the last thing on my mind.

Anyways...... This post is to show you all some of my Art Journal Pages and so on that I have done, these were a bit of an experiment finding my feet kind of thing when I first started to use Ink Sprays and get back into my stamping. I will admit I do have a few favourites and I am sure you will guess which ones :).

Here we go:

This particular one was done using Distress Inks, Stamping, Mica Spray

Next we have this butterfly one which was put together using Ink Sprays, Stamping and Mica Spray

This particular one was a bit more of a thought out one, It has been done on a tag using Distress Inks, Stamping, and Mica Sprays, I have a big thing for Skulls :D 

This little lot have been done using, Ink Sprays, Distress Inks, Stencils, Stamping, Mica Sprays and using the Ghosting technique

This piece was done by just pressing the blank piece into the Ink Sprays which had gone onto my mat, so a bit of a blotching wipe up and it turned out brill :)

Last but not least these few pieces were done in a cheap sketchbook which I picked up from The Range, the paper quality in them is brilliant and for 75p for this size can not grumble at all.

This particular one I took inspiration from Dyan Reaveley I absolutely adore her work and her products, I would love to go to one of her workshops.

This one has been done using Stamps and Distress Inks, I even coloured in the butterfly wings with Distress Inks and water :)

These two were done using just Water and Ink Sprays 

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at these as much as I did doing them, I am hoping to work on a few more little projects very soon as I have acquired some more new stamps and goodies YAY!!

The Crafty Bat

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