Saturday, 25 November 2017

Custom Fairyland Keepsake Box

Hey all

Well i have been a little quiet over here I do apologise things are hectic as you can all imagine along with battling against migraine attacks and generally feeling horrible I have been pushing through.

So you all may remember when I did a Fairyland Keepsake Box for the Mystical Magical Myth Market Night I took part in well it went fantastic and my box sold very quick as I only had the one ready to go BUT a lovely lady commented after the original had sold and asked if i could make again. I was very happy to say Yes but could not guarantee it to be identical as every bit of the design work is done by hand.

Enough babbling on..... Well here it is in all it's glory

For those of you who saw the original of this design will probably be able to pick out a few differences but not many, as i did my up-most best to do it as identical as possible for the customer. 

Well I am happy to report that the customer is over the moon with her box and it is now in it's new home along with one of my Fairy Diaries which she also purchased in the market night.

I will have a new design fairy keepsake box completed very soon ready for my next market night and I can not wait to share it with you all.

If you would like your very own feel free to contact me via Facebook >>>> HERE

Xx The Crafty Bat xX

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