Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Crafty Bat's High Flyer Club

Hi all and welcome back to my little bat cave 

Today I wanted to share something exciting with you all, It is something new for all my followers and Stampin' Up! customers 

Are you ready???

Crafty Bat's High Flyer Club

This club is very exclusive and rewarding it will be the only club I shall be running like this.

So What is the High Flyer Club? 

It is for a minimum of 6 people to each take it in turns of being the hostess for the month which gets you the hostess benefits for the month.

All 6 members must be able to agree to a minimum spend of £25 a month  (you are welcome to spend more if you like) on any Stampin' UP! Products of your choice from the current catalogue and new catalogue if it has released during your period as a hostess.

This will be for 6 months, so it is fair and each member gets to be the hostess for a month and get the hostess benefits. Please do not sign up if you can not commit to the 6 months at £25 a month as this would not be fair on the members.

Once we have 6 members I will then enter you into a secret group on Facebook, This is where I will pick the hostess for each month - This will be done either via putting your names in Random.Org or on a live video in the group and picking each name out of the hat and telling you which is your month. In your month you are more than welcome to collect outside orders from friends, family, work colleagues and so on, this way you can take advantage of higher hostess benefits the more the order is the more benefits you get for your month.

At the end of the 6 months each of you will be sent a voucher from me which is only redeemable with me along with first refusal on the next 6 month spaces (you do not have to take a space if you do not want to, you can sign up again at anytime)

All orders must be placed and paid for by the 14th of each month and no later (if you would like to order and pay earlier you are more than welcome to) Your order will be sent to you within a week .

Once all 6 places have been assigned the club will then be started this will depend on how quick the places get taken up but I am aiming to have this all running ready for May.

Like what you have read? Want to Join? 
Simply fill in the sign up form below with *High Flyers Club* in the comments box and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Crafty Bat (Kelly)

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