Thursday, 21 September 2017

Steampunk Skull Mixed Media Keepsake Box

Hi All

Welcome back to another blog post, Today's post is a mixed media piece which I have created for the Samhain/Halloween Market Night I am taking part in, so the box will be available to purchase from there.. All details of this will be at the end of this post.

Now let's get to showing you all the Keepsake Box

The whole box has been made from medium weight chipboard which has then been given a generous coating of Black Gesso.

The lid features a beautiful Steampunk Skull which has been achieved using a mixture of products including Copper Guilding Flakes, It also features some cogs which have been cue from greay board these have then been painted black and then given a highlight of metallic copper paint 

On the sides and front again there is more of the cogs

The closure is magnetic so it can be kept closed and is easy to open

The inside of the box has been lined with some beautiful metallic grey textured card stock.

I hope you have liked seeing my keepsake box and if you are interested in purchasing it, you will find it over at The Crafty Witchette's Samhain/Halloween Market Night  

There will be plenty of other handmade products which have been made by talented crafters from all over the world.

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