Friday, 4 November 2016

Dragon Eggs and Dragon Egg Lantern

Hi all and welcome back to my blog

Today's post is something a little different I have been wanting to try for a while now and finally got around to giving it a go.

I saw this first done on another blog that i follow regular and have to say I absolutely love Teresa's work, the effect of these is amazing and they look fantastic so many possibilities with them.

So here is my version of some Dragon Eggs and a Dragon Egg Lantern

I also inserted a light into the lantern so it can be lit up at night and it looks amazing when all lit up, I absolutely love making these and already have my fourth egg in the making, which of cause I shall share with you all as soon as it is finished as this one is a little something else.

Here is a few pictures of the lantern lit up

As you can see I even added in some fake grass and some lovely little daisy flowers, to give it the look of the Dragon Egg being in a next in an enchanted forest.

The black dragon egg has been given a glitter effect too which sets it off brilliantly, as I said before the possibilities are endless with these as you can do them in so many different ways, different sizes and so on. I am also hoping to sell some of them too which I am quite excited about as they are something different, also hoping to do one in a lovely chest which I will be decorating all by hand too so watch this space for my Dragon Eggs.

Lastly just to say a big Thank you to Teresa for her inspiration and for the advice and giving me that little push i needed to give this a go, I am so pleased I did and now I can not get enough of making them hehe.

Xx The Crafty Bat xX

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