Monday, 6 March 2017

Wedding Exploding Box Card

Hello all 

Welcome back to my blog, I have been busy in the background last few days planning and editing upcoming blog posts.

So today I have this very special exploding box card that I made for my cousin and her hubby this was something I wanted to make for such a long time and I finally got around to it and what a perfect occasion to do it for.

So here we have it, the first few pictures are the sides of the box on the outside and the lid of the box 

Now to show you the inside layers.. Here we have the first layer

Second Layer 

Third Layer 

Now to show you the centre piece of the exploding box 

Yes in the centre that is a mini cherubs figure which has been glued in

Lastly to show you how the box looks when your looking into it when all the sides are up 

And there we have it an extra special Wedding card and Gift in one. I did personalise this with their surname on the outside of the box panels and on the inside second layer their first names. All pieces on the layers of the box including the outer box are all cut on the Cricut machine. 

This really was a labour of love and I was chuffed with it. I am happy to report that the happy couple were over the moon with it too and it was shown off to all their friends and the family, my cousin even shed a few tears as she was so overwhelmed with it and it is on show in their home. They get asked regular who made it for them which is wonderful to hear.

I am hoping to make another very soon as I do have a great idea for one so keep your eyes open for that and for a pop up box card ;) 

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