Saturday, 27 May 2017

Cherish Those Memories

Hi all 

Welcome back to another of my blog posts.. Today I have some more Scrapbook layouts to share with you all.

So here they are:
Grandad's Girl
 This layout is of me when i was a baby and toddler with my late Grandad, I was the apple of his eye and he was my everything... Best Friend, Hero and like a second Dad to me. 

This layout is of my Nan and Grandad
These wonderful people helped to raise me and what a fantastic job they did I wouldn't be who I am today if it was not for them and my dad. All I have ever wanted to do is make them all proud especially my Grandad as he is no longer with us. It is so hard some days without him. They loved and still do love each other un-conditionally the greatest couple I have ever known and love.

Like Father Like Son
And last but by no means least here is a layout I have done of my Dad and Grandad. They are so alike it is un-canny everything about them. My dad has so much of my Grandad in him even his ways from sense of humour to being a family man and more.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing more of my layouts which I did on Wednesday while having another scrappy day with my bestie... I sooo blame her for me getting HOOKED on doing this hehe.

I will have to admit thought that some of these pictures have been so hard to do a layout on not because of how to bring it together but due to the cherished memories and looking at my Grandad knowing he is not with us in person anymore. There will be a few more layouts to do with my Grandad but they will be the hardest of all to do.

Until next time :) 

Xx The Crafty Bat xX

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