Thursday, 22 March 2018

Facing My Fear Memories and More Layout

Today I thought I would share with you all one of my new loves - Memories and More Scrapbook Layout's in a 6x8 album.

This page layout is about when I did a Sponsored Face Your Fears which I organized back in 2013 to raise much needed funds for Staffordshire SANDS, this charity is very close to my heart.

So what was I facing?

My Fear of Spiders!!!!!

I didn't just do the usual face your fear by holding a spider.......... I went to the EXTREME
With the help if the wonderful Dale from Critterish Allsorts and his Chile Rose Tarantula called Fluffy yes you read that right her name was Fluffy!!.... So I bet your sat there thinking ok a tarantula is the going to the EXTREME - Erm nope sorry.

Going to the EXTREME was having Fluffy on my FACE!!!

Here is my layout.

This first page features some of the cards from the Memories and More card pack called Perfect Days. I took this picture before I did any journaling as some information on this layout is private.

This is the reverse side of the layout and on this side as you can see on the big photo at the bottom yes that is me lay on the floor with a Chile Rose Tarantula on my face!!!
The top right hand side includes a small collage of pictures of myself doing the face my fear there is also a picture within the collage of myself with Dale and Kyle who at that time was the Mayor of Kidsgrove and my reward for doing this big challenge was a certificate and cuddles with the beautiful Skittles ( A Skunk). 

On this side of the layout again I used some of the Memories and More Cards from the Perfect Days pack, I have also used some of the beautiful Coffee Cafe DSP papers to back my photographs on.

My wonderful partner even made a video and put it on you tube. So I thought I would include it in this post for you all to see.

Products used:

I hope you have enjoyed looking at this quick layout of one of my biggest achievements. I do have a lot more pictures from doing this so I may have to do a few more layouts with those.

Xx The Crafty Bat xX


  1. Great layout and video-well done to you!!!I am not scared of spiders but still wouldn't want one on my face --have had a snake on my head though lol
    Carol x

    1. Thank you Carol it was worth every second for such a good cause :). I love reptiles and have owned a corn snake before now. x